An Interview with Alamby Leung, “That Girl” Formerly with the DigitalRev Photography Show

Alamby Leung is known to millions of photo enthusiasts as the girl who used to be a background character on the YouTube photography channel DigitalRev TV. We caught up with her recently and asked her how life is after leaving that popular show.

(Photos of Alamby were shot by Jason Lau with a Canon 5D Mk III. Street scene in Amsterdam and the school children in Japan were shot by Alamby with a Fujifilm X100S.)

Shutterbug: What have you been up to since leaving DigitalRev?

Alamby Leung: Thank you for asking. I'm so honored and grateful to know that there are friends out there interested to know about my life after DigitalRev TV, and it’s certainly heartwarming to still be recognized as “that girl” from the show.

So for those who are wondering where I've been after the crazy and epic job, I've chosen to step into video production management and producing. It wasn't an immediate change. When I left DR I spent a few months back home in Melbourne bumming around trying to figure out what’s next after DR and where I wanted to head in my career. I thought of a few options but finally set foot in video production management. I thought that’s where my strength lies and I know for sure that I need to work with a creative team. I don't like working alone.

It was around a year ago when HYPEBEAST, a men’s fashion and lifestyle magazine/blog, found and offered me to join their video team. It's a huge challenge for me as I didn't grow up as a "hypebeast" and I was never really into sneakers or streetwear, but ever since I joined the team, I've been loving work there together with the young and vibrant team. I'm learning everyday and that's important to keep me up and going.

I enjoy working in creative environments, whether it be co-hosting a photography show or producing a lifestyle editorial video. Of course, I've never forgotten about photography; it has always been my hobby and one of my creative outlets. I love taking pictures, only I haven't considered pursuing it as a profession (partly because I’m really bad when it comes to technical stuff and handling gear). I'd much rather be a happy amateur shooter and take photos when I want to instead of shooting for a living. That's my theory.

Amsterdam ©Alamby Leung

Shutterbug: What is your background and how did that prepare you for your career?

Leung: I trained as a pianist and studied both classical music and visual arts at Uni. Both courses are my interests but I've always been more fascinated by film productions, so upon my graduation I had my eyes set on entering the media industry and decided to head back to Hong Kong where I was born to try out my luck.

My parents have always been very supportive of my studies and career decisions. They've always taught me to make the most out of the earlier years before settling down and starting a family.

A funny coincidence is my dad had been moving between Australia and Hong Kong for work in his early days (hence I grew up in both cities), and now I seem to be repeating my father’s pathway— moving between the two countries every few years! Hopefully one day work will take me to London and New York, too.

Japan ©Alamby Leung

Shutterbug:  Tell us a little bit about your life off camera.

Leung: I think my life off camera is actually quite boring. I'm a real homebody and I need to spend one day of my weekend at home to rest and catch up on personal stuff. That’s my “down time.” Other times I like to hang out with friends in cafes. Brunch and coffee are a relaxing weekend for me. Traveling is also very important to me and I've always try to plan a short trip every few months so I can unwind and get away from my daily routine and that’s usually the best time in reconnecting my photography roots and shoot photos, too.

Shutterbug:  As a young professional who appears to be very successful in following her dreams, what advice can you give our readers who desire to follow their dreams?

Leung: I think I'm far off from being successful. I'm still learning and growing in every aspect so there really isn’t much advice I can give. However, the few things that I’ve always kept in mind is being open-minded and flexible as opportunities may come up at any time as well as anywhere. I believe having a positive attitude, a humble heart and always staying true to myself are essential and are also mottos I keep in life.

—Jon Sienkiewicz