Interfit Super Cool-lite 6

Interfit is pleased to announce the arrival of the Super Cool-lite 6. A new design from the ground up, with new features never before seen in fluorescent lighting, with added benefits of a rear grab handle, fully illuminated switches and new self contained fixings for the high contrast reflector and softbox fitting built into the head enables a fast and efficient means of assembly.

Using near daylight 32 watt lamps with Eco friendly credentials’ enables greater flexibility and power output equivalent to 650 watts per head when compared to tungsten lighting, using just a quarter of the power consumption for sustainable low running cost.

Each lamp can be controlled via the rear panel switches, individually illuminated enabling just the right amount of light to be added to the subject. Ideal for use with today’s Digital cameras ensures the photographer can create soft uniform lighting that is particularly suited to Portraits and Product photography.

The INT213 single head kit is supplied with a 40cm (16”) high contrast reflector and 80cm (31”) octobox
6 x 32 watt lamps and power cables. MRRP: $234.99

The INT214 twin head Super Cool-lite 6 kit has all the benefits of the single head kit with the addition of 2 x lighting stands. MRRP $549.99

Super Cool-lite 6 heads and kits are available with immediate effect from Interfit Main Dealers

Further information is available on the Interfit Website.