Interfit Photographic Adds to ‘Strobies’ Lineup

Interfit Photographic Ltd announced the introduction of several new additions to its ‘Strobies’ enthusiast and professional range of photographic accessories.

The Modi-light kit-STR180 is a specially designed accessory kit for the Strobist market that enhances the creativity of off-camera flash. This all-encompassing kit contains five different beauty dish accessories, five different colour diffusers with soft-box, snoot and barndoors. The kit comes complete with a specially produced DVD that offers a unique insight into the Strobist world of hot shoe flashguns, showing setting up the kit, assembly of each of the items and how to use them to best effect. The kit also includes the new Uni-Mount STR190 which serves as a multipurpose holder, able to fit the majority of manufacturer’s flashguns, providing a tight fitting by the use of pre-assembled thumbscrew clamps with a soft rubber surface.

Rapida 8 STR168 Octobox and Rapida Sripbox STR169 offer a remarkably simple and innovative solution for a quick assembly. Traditionally this type of product has taken a long time to assemble as you thread poles through fabric in the same way as erecting a tent. Other quick-folding modifiers work like umbrellas or as a pop-up tent (which can be difficult to fold away). This is overcome in these two Strobies -Rapida products by the innovative design which is effectively a fully preassembled product, which opens up on sprung hinges, offering a compromise between foolproof set-up and durability.

The Macro-Ring-Light STR172 is a great addition to the Strobies range offering both flash and continuous lighting which is ideal for both macro work and close-up 2 portraits. Each kit is supplied with six adaptor rings covering the main sizes from 52mm up to 72mm filter sizes. The kit is supplied with a control unit that fits standard ISO hot- shoes.

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