Ilford Worldwide Technical Support

Following recent news of Ilford Photo/Harman technology's formation of a subsidiary company in the USA to handle technical support across North America, the company has now issued details of a global technical services network.

Heading up Worldwide Technical Services is USA-based Rod Parsons who has been responsible for technical support in North America for the past 18 years. Parsons was previously manager of Worldwide Technical and Equipment Services for the previous Ilford Imaging Group, and technical services manager for black-and-white paper at the company's manufacturing plant in Mobberley, UK. Given which, he brings a wide range of knowledge and experience to the position.

In addition, Parsons is chairman of the Board of Advisors to the Image Permanence Institute based at the Rochester Institute of Technology, and a member of several international standards committees on image permanence. His activities and contacts in this area will be invaluable in his new role due to image permanence being a major attribute of silver gelatin prints and representing an important aspect of Harman technology's inkjet products development.

The Worldwide Technical Services team includes Terry Bevens, a long-term employee of Ilford Canada with 28 years' technical service experience dealing directly with customers across the entire spectrum of Ilford Photo products. Bevens will continue to handle customer issues as part of the Harman technology company in Canada while extending his activities to support the US and UK markets.

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