Ilford Photo “Comes To Aid" Of Large Format Photographers

As part of its campaign to `Defend the Darkroom', Ilford Photo - the monochrome brand of Harman technology Limited -- has announced a special initiative in support of ultra large format (ULF) photographers. In an increasingly digital world, these photographers can find it difficult to buy the specialist analog products they require due to a shrinking number of manufacturers and stocking dealers. However, to help ULF users overcome this limited availability, as well as the need to purchase a minimum order quantity, Ilford Photo has revealed it is running a two month ULF product ordering window.

Taking place from mid-April until the 30th June 2008, this window allows photographers to order Ilford Photo ULF sheet film products from a select group of dealers and without the worry of meeting minimum order quantities. Ilford Photo plans to combine orders from across the US and Canada to ensure quantity requirements are met before manufacturing the required items at its production facility in Cheshire, England. Product will be shipped to arrive with dealers by approximately mid-September.

This is the third year Ilford Photo has staged the annual initiative and already it has been well received. Harman 's President of Marketing for North America, Steven Brierley said: "Through our Ilford Photo brand, Harman technology is committed to supporting all methods of analog photography -- large format included. At a time when many manufacturers are moving away from traditional black and white photography, we will continue to champion it and do all we can to ensure photographers can buy the products they need. The special ULF two month ordering window is just the latest evidence of this."

Launched in mid-2007 by Ilford Photo , the `Defend the Darkroom' campaign aims to safeguard the future of darkrooms and associated creative techniques, while simultaneously showing how traditional analog and digital photography can co-exist. It hopes to do this through a range of educational, promotional and customer support activities.

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Dealers participating in the initiative include:

· Badger Graphic Sales
· Hunt's Photo & Video
· Freestyle Sales
· Keeble & Shuchat
· The View Camera Store
· Glazer's Camera Supply
· Midwest Photo Exchange

· Big Camera Workshops
· The Camera Store