ILFORD Obscura Pinhole Camera

ILFORD PHOTO has announced a new pinhole camera known as the Obscura.

This lightweight camera precision cut and formed from expanded PVC, and is made of two interlocking sections. The photographic medium is loadedinto the bottom section in darkroom conditions, and then held in place by sliding in the top section, which locks into place by use of magnets. The top section of the camera also holds the stainless steel chemically etched 0.3mm pinhole in place. Designed for 4x5 inch film or paper, the camera is 87mm focal lengthgiving wide-angle images. The pinhole exposures are controlled by a magnetic locking shutter, which can be left in the open or closed position.

The front section can be positioned in either orientation making it suitable for right or left-handed use. The design also incorporates a tripod-mounting socket, and the enclosed sticker allows a sighting line to be created with which to aim thecamera.

Similar to the HARMAN TiTAN 4x5 pinhole camera, the new Obscura also comes supplied with 10 sheets each of 4x5 inch ILFORD DELTA 100 Professional film, ILFORD MULTIGRADE IV RC paper, and HARMAN DIRECT POSITIVE paper to get the user started. Finally the kit includes a simple Exposure Calculator for use without a light meter, a set of stickers with which to decorate the camera, the user instruction booklet and a 3-tray light-tight sheet film box for storing exposed materials. All the user needs to load and unload the camera whilst on location is a changing bag.

The camera comes in a stylish boxed set that will retail at $99 US Dollars plus tax.

View the Photo Walkthrough Focus video PW189 at:

Delivery to dealers will commence in mid July.

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I havent seen such camera like before. Very interesting and I am eager to even seen this in the actual. Im pretty curious. - Michael Courouleau