Ilford Black-And-White Challenge

Purchasers of the promotional boxes of Ilford Multigrade IV Deluxe Photographic paper will find three rolls of 36-exposure Ilford HP5 Plus film included at no extra charge, along with a invitation to accept the challenge of producing an image worthy of printing on the iconic boxes of Ilford paper.

The HP5 Plus Challenge, which applies only to Canada and the USA, runs until May 31, 2007, and is open to any Photographer using Ilford HP5 Plus. The special promotional boxes of Ilford Multigrade IV RC Deluxe, which are available from all Ilford Photo dealers while supplies last, include three free rolls of HP5 Plus film, whether or not the purchaser is willing to take up the challenge.

Given all the Photographic benefits provided with this film, the Ilford HP5 Plus Challenge is simply a matter of finding the ideal location or subject and conditions, and capturing it for history, then basking in the glow of being able to tell future generations still storing paper in the legendary Ilford boxes, "I did that."

In addition to the kudos attached to having an image recorded in this way, the winner will receive $1,250 of prize money, with the runners-up receiving $500 and $250 respectively for second and third places.

The subject matter of entered images (maximum 10 prints) is entirely open to the Photographer, but they must be shot on Ilford HP5 Plus film and printed on Ilford black-and-white Photographic paper, un-mounted and no larger than 8x10ins.

Winning prints will be selected by a panel of judges, which will also consider the suitability of the image in the square format used on Ilford boxes. The winning entries will be announced on June 30, 2007. Full competition entry details can be found on the Ilford Photo website at or obtained by calling the HP5 Plus Challenge hotline: 201-471-0230.

Full details of Ilford HP5 Plus film, Ilford Multigrade IV Deluxe paper and all Ilford Photo black-and-white products can be found at