hueyPRO and Genuine Fractals 5.0 Bundle

Pantone, Inc. and onOne Software Inc. have announced a new digital imaging bundle that improves the color fidelity and image control for design projects. Now available at a 30 percent cost savings, the bundle includes PANTONE hueyPRO, and onOne Software's Genuine Fractals 5, an Adobe Photoshop plug-in for image scaling.

hueyPRO offers color clarity and consistency across multiple CRT, laptop and LCD displays at an unprecedented level of precision calibration. Additionally, it features an embedded high-precision sensor that automatically measures the ambient light within a room. Genuine Fractals 5 is the industry standard for image enlargements, allowing users to increase images by 1000 percent with no loss in image quality.

The PANTONE hueyPRO/Genuine Fractals 5 bundle is available immediately for $199 SRP at and Both products are compatible with Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

PANTONE hueyPRO is also sold separately through Pantone at and other major electronics, photo and online retailers for $129 SRP.

Genuine Fractals 5 is sold separately at for $159.95 SRP.