How to Use Flowers as a Prop for Boudoir Photography (VIDEO)

One of the things many beginning boudoir photographer don't understand is the value of using props in your shoots. And yes, this goes beyond pillows, bed sheets, blankets, or anything else you might typically find in a bedroom.

You don't have to get too outrageous with your prop selection for boudoir though. For instance, flowers are always good to use in intimate portraiture and they offer many opportunities for sensual posing.

In the below video, boudoir pro Critsey Rowe shares ways that she uses flowers in her shoots and a range of poses you can do with them.

"Today I'm sharing some behind-the-scenes of a shoot that I had last week, and we used a lot of florals," Rowe says. "So, I wanted to share this with you just so you have some ideas on how to use flowers in your photo shoots and how you can pose with them and just some fun things."

Watch below as Rowe photographs a model while introducing flowers as a prop to enhance the imagery. Rowe then directs the model into an array of poses incorporating the bouquet to create a variety of provocative boudoir photos. More importantly, Rowe actually demonstrates the poses herself so the model can replicate the looks she wants.

"I do show all of my clients the exact pose that I want them to do and the reason I do this is because it's so much more helpful to the client. It makes them more confident. They can see the pose instead of you just telling them what to do," she notes. "And yes, gentlemen, this means you too. You can hop on the bed, show them the pose. It's just going to help them relax and feel more confident."

Watch the behind-the-scenes boudoir posing session with flowers and then stick around to the end where Rowe shows off the gorgeous photos she captured. If you want more help with boudoir posing, check out another video from Rowe where she shares three great boudoir poses that will give you dozens of gorgeous photos. Then go visit and subscribe to her channel to get all of her content.