How to Take Great Photos in Boring Locations (VIDEO)

We don’t think we need to tell you that photographer Pierre T. Lambert has been on a roll with his photography how-to videos lately. He produces several videos a week and they’ve been extremely popular on Shutterbug. So, here’s his latest, which gives you some great shooting tips on how to “take better photos in boring locations now!”

“Sometimes I get lazy shooting because I tell myself a location is ‘boring’ and has nothing I want to shoot,” Lambert says. “Instead of procrastinating I'm challenging myself in this ‘shoot now series’ to shoot under a time limit in a location I'm not necessarily excited about today - an airport!”

Yes, an airport is his location and he’s able to create multiple eye-catching images despite the “boring” surroundings and a short time limit since he’s about to board a flight. Watch the video below to see how he finds interesting spots in the airport simply by keeping his eyes open.

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