How to Shoot Pretty Portraits Using ONLY Natural Light (VIDEO)

Just because you're shooting portraits indoors doesn't mean you need to be a slave to artificial light. Yes, even in the studio you can shoot beautiful portraits using only natural light.

In the below tutorial, we once again turn to portrait pro Anita Sadowska who has been offering a variety of tips and tricks for shooting portraits in different lighting conditions. Previously, she explained how to shoot gorgeous portraits in harsh direct sunlight.

Now she's back with some "natural light home studio tips and tricks."

"Today I'll be showing you how to take photos inside of your house whether you have direct sunlight or no direct sunlight in your home," Sadowska explains. "I'll be walking you through how I take the photos, what my settings are and so on."

The tutorial is a bit of a change for Sadowska who typically explains her tips in front of the beautiful villas and beaches of Bali. This time, she's in the confines of a makeshift home studio, which is more of a challenge but a situation many photographers who are homebound because of the pandemic will undoubtedly relate to.

Once again, she's working with a professional model to explain and demonstrate her natural light tips, in this case Anna Grace Scott.

Check it out below and then go visit Sadowska's channel for more tips, tricks, and photography advice, including this video on how to shoot better boudoir photos at home.