How to Shoot Portraits: Tips for Beginner Photographers

If you're a beginner photographer who wants to learn how to shoot portraits, there are lots of resources out there. One place we turn to frequently for great beginner photography portrait tips is Bach Photography.

In the below video, Bach explains in plain terms "how to shoot portraits for beginners." It's in the form of a street shoot with a model in natural light so it's easy to follow along and learn from as he demonstrates his portrait tips.

"In this video we go into an in depth look at how you can easily shoot an amazing portrait session," Bach says. "This video of aimed for beginners who are new to photography. This photoshoot requires no special photography equipment and uses natural light only."

Before he starts his portrait shoot, he gives you a rundown of what he's going to cover (and not cover) in the session. In a nutshell, Bach likes to keep things simple, which should make it very accessible to beginner portrait photographers.

"In this photo shoot we're not going to do anything fancy with lights, we're not going to do anything fancy with costumes or with hair or anything like that. We're just looking at how to do a super simple photo shoot and still get some really nice results," he says. "So, this sort of photo shoot is going to be perfect for you if you're just getting started in photography or if you haven't done that many photo shoots or maybe if you don't have that much time to throw up anything super elaborate, this is going to be a super quick thing to set up, super easy thing to shoot and you'll get some really nice results at the end of it as well. "

After you watch his beginner tips, make sure to visit his channel to see all his photo education content including this video where he shares 14 simple tips to shoot better portraits.