14 Simple Photo Tips to Help You Shoot BREATHTAKING Portraits (VIDEO)

There's no easy way to capture a great portrait, or is there? Bach Photography thinks there are some tricks that will, at least, make things easier for you as a portrait photographer while helping you produce better images.

In the below video, Bach shares 14 simple photography tips for shooting breathtaking portraits.

"With these photography tips for beginners, you can learn how to take portraits and improve your portrait photography fast," Bach says.

#1 Fill the Frame

#2 Use Color

#3 Straight Composition

#4 Eye Contact

#5 Continuous Shooting

#6 Keep Things Clean

#7 Different Locations

#8 Eyes in Focus

#9 Smooth, Even Light

#10 Face to Side

#11 Expose for Face

#12 Clear Crops

#13 Pick the Right Time

#14 Rules Can Be Broken

"Sometimes you're going to use these techniques to improve your photos and sometimes you're going to use the opposite of these techniques to add a different type of mood to your portraiture," Bach explains. "All of these rules aren't really rules, they're just guides for general cases and there are always going to be edge cases and artistic flares you can use to go against the grain and get beautiful photos and also move the art of photography further than it is today."

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