How to Shoot Gorgeous Backlit Portraits Using Only Natural Light (VIDEO)

Backlit portraits are tricky to pull off. Do them improperly, and you'll have a flat silhouette lacking in detail and impact. Do them right though, and they can look pretty spectacular.

If you've ever wondered how to shoot eye-catching backlit portraits using only natural light, photographer Anita Sadowska has a great tutorial below titled "Master Natural Backlight to Up Your Photography Game." Shot on location in Bali, Sadowska captures model Snejana Jens in a variety of backlit scenarios while offering tips along the way.

"Today I'll be walking you through my natural light photoshoot I recently did in Bali, where I used a mix of back light as well as direct sunlight," Sadowska says. "I give you lighting tips, posing and loads of other good stuff!"

As usual with Sadowska's tutorials, the video is free flowing, giving you a sense of what it's like to be on an actual professional shoot with her as he deals with various issues popping up as she shoots. One involves trying to push what Sadowska keeps calling a "big chicken" out of the way, but we leave it to you to decide what she's actually talking about. :-)

Visit Sadowska's YouTube channel for more helpful tutorials including this fun one where she does a challenge portrait shoot vs an amateur photographer (her boyfriend) to see who does better.