How to Make Your Portraits Look More PROFESSIONAL Using Photoshop (VIDEO)

Even seasoned pros use Photoshop to add some pizazz to their portraits so why shouldn't you? That's the gist of the below Photoshop tutorial from Pixielx titled "How to Make Professional Portraits."

"Here I go over another portrait retouch," Pixielx says. "I'll show you how to make professional portraits. I'll share some tips and trick which would prove helpful in making your portraits look professional and awesome."

What follows is an easy-to-follow, systematic demonstration of how to touch up a portrait in Photoshop. If you can past the somewhat robotic delivery of the presenter and the somewhat distracting rave music in the background, this step-by-step walkthrough of pro portrait editing in Photoshop will give you a tasty recipe to make your photos pop.

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