How to Make "Terrible" Boudoir Photos Better (VIDEO)

Boudoir photography is really popular these days, but if you’ve ever tried this type of work, you know that sometimes images don’t look as enticing on the computer as they did through the viewfinder. The goal of this humorous-but-helpful tutorial is to keep you from saying, “Oh my goodness, this is embarrassing” when you review your results.

Michael Sasser is a top boudoir photographer based in Los Angeles, and, as he says, “We all have to start somewhere.” In the video below, you’ll pick up some valuable tips, while sharing a laugh, as he walks you through his first attempts at navigating the challenges of boudoir photography.

As you’ll see, great images require far more than a sexy model, and Sasser likes to create a bit of mystery with “playful, flirty” images by shooting models that aren’t totally nude. As he illustrates his past mistakes, you’ll see how the quality of Sasser’s work grew with improved lighting, posing, and other techniques. You’ll also learn how simple tweaks to a location, and proper wardrobe choices, can make a big difference in your results.

Sasser shoots with both ambient and supplemental light, and he demonstrates when each approach makes the most sense. You’ll also pick up important advice on exposure, composition, and much more.

You can find more valuable tips on Sasser’s YouTube channel. And be sure to check out another tutorial we posted recently, explaining how to shoot compelling dark and moody boudoir photographs.