How to Make $100,000 a Year as a Wedding Photographer: 7 Tips

Wedding photography is serious business. Anyone who’s ever shot a wedding or, more specifically, tried to make a living as a wedding photographer will undoubtedly know this.

Photographer and videographer Eric Floberg is someone who is well aware of how to run a successful wedding photography business, which is why he created the provocatively titled video below: “Make $100k a Year as a Wedding Photographer.”

That got your attention, right?

“The first full year that I jumped ship and went full time as a wedding photographer, I made $105,000 on the year,” Floberg says. “And I want to give you a little insight as to how I got to that place.”

In the in-depth, 13-minute video below, Floberg breaks down all the numbers, showing you pricing, number of weddings booked, and how he made it work financially. More importantly than the numbers, though, he tells you how you might be able to achieve the same thing yourself (i.e. hit the $100K/year goal), if you follow seven key tips:

#1 Know Yourself & Know Your Market

#2 Strategize How to Sell Your Services

#3 Systems

#4 Sell Those Prints

#5 Sell Your Brand & Sell Your Service

#6 Scale Your Business

#7 Lean into What Makes You Different

If you have any interest in trying to make a living as wedding photographer, check out Floberg’s video below and then go visit his YouTube channel for more tips and inspiration.