How to Edit Autumn Nature Photographs in Lightroom and Make Fall Colors Look Their Best (VIDEO)

In many parts of the country it feels like we’re still in the throes of summer, but fall is right around the corner with all the changing colors that make autumn such a great time for nature photography.

In the tutorial below, photographer Evan Ranft (known by his many social media followers as Evan 5ps) demonstrates two techniques for accentuating fall colors when editing nature photos in Lightroom. Ranft explains how to get the job done “the easy way,” and offers a more involved method as well.

Ranft’s technique for editing images the “hard way” is a more time-consuming approach with the benefit of complete control because it involves adjusting hue, saturation and luminance manually to bring out the reds, oranges, and yellows in fall colors. This method also uses split toning to selectively saturate highlights and shadows with the specific tones you choose.

For those short on time, Ranft offers a more global approach that will still turn your fall photos into something special. This method simply involves tweaking a few sliders and, if you’re so inclined, downloading some free plugs-ins that will further automate the process.

You can find more great tips on Ranft’s YouTube channel, and be sure to check out a recent tutorial of his we shared with five composition mistakes every photographer should avoid.