How to Create PERFECT Light for Boudoir Photos (VIDEO)

Great lighting in boudoir photography is key. How to create the right light for an eye-catching lingerie photo can be tricky though.

Fortunately, boudoir and glamour photography pro Karl Taylor shares the recipe for beautiful boudoir lighting in the below video. In the clip, Taylor walks you through one of his boudoir shoots and explains how he created the stunner of a shot at the 0:12-second mark of the video.

"With the set built and the model ready to roll, it was time to craft the perfect lighting setup for this lingerie shot," Taylor says. "How many lights would it take? Which modifiers and props would I need to capture the perfect image?"

If you've ever wanted to see what it's like to bring a professional-quality boudoir photo from setup to capture, processing and final image, watch Taylor's tutorial.

"In this video, I walk you step-by-step through my lighting diagram," he says. "You’ll discover exactly what it took to get the lighting right, including how I created that warm vignetted background glow while also achieving vivid three-dimensionality for the model. Pause the video at 0:12 and study the image to see if you can work out what I did."

Check it out below. The video is a follow-up to an earlier tutorial from Taylor where he explained how to capture a lingerie photo with atmosphere.