HoodMac Sun Shade

Hoodman’s one-size-fits-all sunshade for MacBooks provides glare-free viewing in the great outdoors. HoodMAC fits 17 inch MacBooks and is “worn” by your MacBook just like a hat (spring tension in the HoodMAC keeps it securely in place). With the help of 3 sets of snaps, you can cinch the HoodMAC down for a great fit on both 15 inch Mac-Books and 13 inch MacBooks. HoodMAC pops into shape ready to mount when released from its travel bag with no assembly required.

When it is time to put HoodMAC away, fold it into 3 circles, place it back in its flat travel bag and you are done. HoodMAC retails at just $39.99. You can go to www.hoodmanusa.com to find a dealer near you, or you can order direct. There are also models available for 14 to 16 inch PCs.

Contact: 1-800.818.3946