Here's How to Take Great Landscape Photos with Your Smartphone (VIDEO)

Yes, there are times when you may not have your trusty DSLR or mirrorless camera, tripod and a bag full of lenses with you, and want to capture a gorgeous landscape. What do you do?

Well, you could break out a pencil and notebook and try to sketch it. Or, you could just pull your smartphone from your pocket and snap off a few shots.

But how can you capture a memorable scenic vista with something as limited photographically as a smartphone? Fortunately, the cool folks at COOPH have some great tips in the below video on how to shoot awesome landscapes with your phone.

"Landscape photos are the one thing that are quite difficult to shoot on your smartphone," COOPH says. "Although the shift in technology has made taking pictures with your mobile device easier than ever this one topic still remains quite challenging."

Here are COOPH's tips on taking better landscape photos with your smartphone that are demonstrated in the video.

#1 Wait for Better Light

#2 Choose the Right Spot

#3 Compose with Care

#4 Add a Human Element

Watch the video and then go visit COOPH's channel for helpful photography tips.