Learn How to Sharpen Your Photos Using Lightroom to Achieve Great Image Results (VIDEO)

It’s always important to refresh the basics of photo editing especially when it comes to a comprehensive and often confusing piece of imaging software such as Adobe Lightroom. In the below video from Nathaniel Dodson of Tutvid, Dodson presents an excellent primer on how to sharpen photos using Lightroom to get better image results. And who doesn’t want better image results?

“We’ll talk about what sharpening does and how to use the sliders in Lightroom to get a better pass of sharpening on your photos as well as targeted sharpening when only part of the image needs to be sharpened,” Dodson explains. “We will also talk about when to add Lightroom’s output sharpening to physical prints or photos exported from Lightroom and we will talk about when and where to use Clarity and Dehaze in the sharpening process.”

If you want to skip around in the 16+ minute video, here’s a breakdown of the various sections and the times they start:

01:34: Starting the Sharpening Workflow for a Landscape Photo
04:16: The Power of the Masking Slider
07:42: Sharpening a Portrait
09:27: Clarity for “Sharpening”
10:13: “Sharpening” with Dehaze
10:54: Targeted Sharpening with Adjustment Brush
12:44: Output Sharpening

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