Here's How to Replace a Boring Sky with a Gorgeous One in Just 5 Seconds (VIDEO)

Luminar 4 from Skylum Software is not available yet but it's already getting a lot of buzz from photographers. One photographer who got his hands on an early copy of Luminar 4 is Anthony Morganti and in the below video he shows you how to replace a boring sky in an image with a more exciting, dramatic sky in just five seconds.

That's not a typo nor a joke. With Luminar 4 you can swap in a gorgeous sky in a photo in just a few seconds and a couple of clicks. According to Morganti, Luminar 4 uses artificial intelligence to replace a sky in an image so it looks like a natural fit.

"I didn't have to tell Luminar where the sky is. I didn't have to mess around with any masks or anything like that," he says in the below tutorial. "It just simply replaces the sky."

Morganti then proceeds to show you how to do it with either a simple image or a photo with more complexity to it.

Luminar has only been around for a little while but it's already received a number of accolades for being a lower priced, easier to use alternative to Lightroom. In August, the prestigious Expert Imaging & Sound Asssocation (EISA) – which Shutterbug is a member of – named the previous version of Luminar, the best photography software of the year. We can't wait to get our hands on Luminar 4 and try it out!

Watch more of Morganti's helpful videos on his YouTube channel. Learn more about Luminar 4 here.