Here's How to Overcome Your Fear to Shoot Awesome Street Photography of Strangers (VIDEO)

So, you want to shoot street photography but you’re somewhat of a shy person: how do you overcome your fear so you can photograph total strangers in public places? That’s exactly what Pierre T. Lambert talks about in Part 2 of his video series on street photography.

In the clip below titled “Keep Crushing Street Photography,” Lambert shares his tips on how not to be shy when taking pictures of strangers. (In part 1, which you can see here, he discusses his recommended gear and settings.)

Below is a breakdown of what Lambert discusses in the new street photography video.

How not to be shy when talking to strangers:

• Think of them as your friend before you even start speaking

• Imagine yourself having a great time shooting and interacting with the people

• Share your work with them

• Show them the pictures you took

• Shoot from further if you are still really shy

• Go talk to people and buy things for example without shooting first and ask if you can after

How to minimize the risk of having your gear stolen:

• Be discreet when changing lenses

• Don't show what's in your bag

• Cover the brand name and models of your camera if it's $$

• Make your gear look older (ex. with stickers like these, or just electrical tape)

• Avoid using big lenses... (not like me!)

You can see more great videos from Lambert on his YouTube channel. Here’s a video from another photographer on how to overcome your shyness to shoot portraits of total strangers, and here’s a cool clip where 3 pro photographers shoot impressive portraits of regular people on the streets of Las Vegas in 60 seconds.