Here's a Great Photoshop Trick to Make Your Outdoor Portraits Look Amazing (VIDEO)

Shooting portraits outdoors can be hit or miss, especially if the light is off. But in the below tutorial from software guru Serge Ramelli, he shows you a nifty trick that will transform "blah" outdoor shots into pleasing portraits that will really catch the eye.

"In this video I'm going to show you a really cool trick in Photoshop where you can add some light rays, you can add some dust, some light effects, and all kind of elements and just make an outdoor portrait awesome," Ramelli says. "So, I want to show you how to go from this photo to this photo, which I think is a lot more interesting. It's got light rays, I erased the people around her, I added some dust and particles and I love doing this kind of thing in Photoshop and I wanted to share this with you."

To follow along with Ramelli's Photoshop tutorial and try these edits yourself, you can download his source files for free here

Watch the tutorial below and then check out another Photoshop how-to from Ramelli where he shares his secret on how to erase anything in Photoshop. And don't forget to visit and subscribe to his YouTube channel for Photoshop and Lightroom tutorials.