Here's an Easy Way to Make DULL Colors in Your Photos SHINE in Photoshop (VIDEO)

Do the colors in your photos look flat and dull? There's an easy way to fix that so that the colors pop and look much truer to life. All it takes is a little simple Photoshop magic.

In the below tutorial, Photoshop guru Colin Smith shows you how to restore the colors in a washed-out photo. In the short video, Smith demonstrates the easy (but rarely used) process that lets you dramatically boost the color and detail in any photo using Adobe Photoshop.

"Right now, I'm going to show you how to make any photo look better in Photoshop," Smith says. "We're going to give it deeper colors and more punch."

As always in his helpful software tutorials, Smith walks you clearly through the step-by-step method for bringing out more color depth in your images. Check it out below and then try it on your own photos when you're done.

After you've watched the clip, visit and subscribe to Smith's YouTube channel for more awesome Adobe how-to videos and software tips. If you're a Lightroom fan, you should also check out this tutorial from photographer Serge Ramelli on how to boost drama and natural color in nature photos using Lightroom.