Here's the Best Way to Sharpen Portraits in Photoshop, According to Tutorial Resource Phlearn

Phlearn is a great photography educational site that provides helpful tutorials on a range of topics, mainly centering around Photoshop and Lightroom tips. In Phlearn’s latest video below, the company’s founder Aaron Nace shows you what he calls “the best way to sharpen portaits in Photoshop.”

“Before you start sharpening, there’s two important tips to keep in mind,” Nace explains. “First, sharpening should be the very last step in your post-processing workflow. Make sure to take care of all of the retouching and coloring first – that way you only end up sharpening details that you intended to be in the final image.

“Second, sharpening should be done according to whatever you want the size of the final image to be. For example, you would sharpen a full-sized print differently than you would an 800-pixel wide version for the web. So, if you’re exporting several different sizes, be sure to sharpen them all separately after you’ve cropped and resized. It takes more time but will make a significant difference in the quality and impact of the sharpening.”

Check out the the video below to hear more of Nace’s tips on how to sharpen images in Photoshop to get great results. You can find more great photography videos on Phlearn's YouTube channel.

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