Here Are Some Great Lightroom Tips and Tricks for Beginners (VIDEO)

We love it when photographers give us a look at their post-processing workflow because it not only presents some great software tips and tricks, it gives us a peek into how editing plays a key role in the creative process. One such photographer is Sorelle Amore, who openly states how much she loves editing her images in the below video.

“I'm excited to share with you my editing technique as I absolutely adore editing,” Amore says. “I think this is where photography is changed from just a photograph to a piece of art. It's where I am able to let my style shine.”

In the below video titled “Lightroom For Beginners: Tips And Tricks To Supercharge Your Photo Editing Skills” Amore takes you through her step-by-step process of working on an image in Lightroom, offering tips along the way. Here are a few shooting tips that pertain to what you should do before you bring your photos into Lightroom.

#1 Shoot Raw

#2 Shoot in a Flat Profile

#3 Shoot When the Light Is Right Outside

#4 Take Better Photos

After that shooting advice, she walks you through an edit of one of her more popular images. To see more of Amore’s videos, visit her YouTube channel

You should also check out this video from photographer Julia Trotti, who shows you her Lightroom and Photoshop tips while giving you a sneak peek into her workflow.

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If you are a beginner any software can look like a terrible headache and a complete blank spot in your skills. However, due to such comprehensive reviews amateur photographers can learn some basic issues on editing via Lightroom. I wonder if there is something like this in the Luminar (, which I'm using as plugin for Photoshop. Have you ever heard of this stuff?