Here Are Photos of the Nikon D5 Chopped In Half & a Shot of the Interior Chassis of the Nikon D500

Photos courtesy of Nikon USA.

The big CES show in Las Vegas wrapped up over the weekend but there are still a few tidbits of photo gear news trickling out of the event. The biggest CES headlines for photographers were several interesting product announcements from Nikon including the unveiling of the full frame Nikon D5 pro DSLR and the APS-C sensor-based Nikon D500 for semi-pros and photo enthusiasts.

Nikon also announced that it was entering the action camera market with the new Nikon KeyMission 360 camera and showed off a SB-500 Speedlight flash.

As part of its booth at CES, Nikon was displaying the Nikon D5 cut in half to show off what it and the interior of a Nikkor lens look like. Nikon USA sent us images of the Nikon D5 cutaway, which was displayed under glass at the show, along with a shot of the interior magnesium alloy chassis of the D500.

If you like these shots of the D5, you might want to also want to check out this video showing the camera firing off 12-frames-per-second bursts like a machine gun.