Here Are 3 Ways to Shoot Beautiful Boudoir Photos in a Small Room (VIDEO)

You don't need big elaborate sets or a large studio to shoot sensuous, cinematic boudoir photos. In the below video, pro boudoir photographer Michael Sasser shows you three techniques to capture beautiful boudoir images in a small room.

"This was a fun and challenging video to make because I don't usually shoot in small spaces or studios," Sasser says. "This was a very small hotel to shoot in and was hard for my 50mm to capture everything I wanted to when taking pictures. These are three of the techniques or tips that I use when I have to take pictures in a small space like this. Shooting from above or below changes the perspective of the picture and adds another dimension to the room. Shooting through something or using something as a foreground object adds depth to your portraits. Shooting detail photos is a great way to upsell in an album."

The tutorial below emerged because the Los Angeles-based Sasser was in New York City for a workshop. And as anyone who's traveled to NYC knows, the hotel rooms in the city can be really, really tiny, which gave him the idea for the video how-to.

"This place can barely fit this bed," Sasser says in the clip. "Now I worked really hard in Los Angeles to find the perfect space: a spot with big windows; a spot with good light that's got nice floors in a deep space so that I could shoot exactly what I want to shoot. But I know that's not the case for everybody. A lot of people are shooting in these smaller spaces, so I wanted to make this video of three little techniques I use when I do have to shoot in small spaces and hopefully these are going to help you guys out for when you have to as well."

Check out the video and then pop over to Sasser's YouTube channel for more helpful boudoir content.