Here Are 3 Ways to Shoot Beautiful Boudoir Photos in Natural Light (VIDEO)

The number one question boudoir photographer Michael Sasser gets asked is does he use strobes? "And the answer to the question is: no," Sasser says. "I don't use strobes, I use 100% natural light for my boudoir shoots."

In the below video, he shares his long-awaited lighting tutorial for getting beautiful boudoir portraits in natural light. "So many photographers focus on posing and forget all about how important light is when improving your photos and making things look professional," Sasser says. "The way I look at is light's the most important thing, and then posing."

Watch below where Sasser shares three natural light set-ups for boudoir portrait photography:

#1 Front Light

#2 Back Light

#3 Silhouette

It's important to note that Sasser demonstrates these three natural lighting techniques without using any extra pieces of gear, including lighting accessories. "No light modifiers, no reflectors, no popsicle sticks, no Legos, no chocolate chips," he quips.

After you watch the video, go visit Sasser's great YouTube channel for more great boudoir photography videos.