Here Are 3 Simple Lightroom Tricks so You Won’t Have to Learn Them the Hard Way (VIDEO)

Travis Transient is a travel photographer who, like many of us, learned how to edit his work the hard way—by making mistakes. In this quick tutorial he reveals three simple Lightroom techniques he wished he had known when first getting started, to help you short circuit the learning curve.

Transient says these quick tips “absolutely changed my workflow and how I edit photos in Lightroom.”  So spend six minutes watching this video and hopefully you’ll avoid mistakes in the future.

In our favorite tip, Transient demonstrates how to quickly use Lightroom’s versatile Dehaze tool to get rid of sensor dust and color fringing effects in an image. He also explains a trick for selectively sharpening key portions of a scene without introducing noise or halo effects to the sky and background. And you’ll see how this sharpening technique can work wonders for all types of images including portraits.

You’ll also learn a Brush tool shortcut for quickly selecting objects in a scene before applying whatever adjustments you deem necessary. There are more tips and tricks on Transient’s YouTube channel, and be sure to look at a Lightroom tutorial we posted last week with seven more tips for enhancing your images.