Here Are 3 Reasons You Should Throw Away Your Camera to Be a Better Photographer (VIDEO)

Photographer Pierre T. Lambert’s camera recently went in for repair, which led him to come to a stunning revelation: being without a camera for a few days actually made him a better photographer.

How is this possible and why is Lambert advising other photographers to throw their cameras away now (relatively speaking of course)? Watch the below video where Lambert offers three non-camera tips that helped him improved his photography “a million times!”

“We often pay way too much attention to our gear as photographers,” Lambert says. “However, getting better in photography requires more than just technical skills. When I decided to become a better photographer, I did these three things everyday:

  1. Seeking the light. Finding the light in everyday moments, understanding how it affected things around and how I could use it.
  2. Compose pictures in my head. I would mentally train myself to compose images in my head to understand what would add and remove to an image/scene.
  3. Observe life around me! To sink into my environment and being able to capture the stories or creating my own. Will the environment enhance your subject or remove attention from it?”

You can watch more of Lambert’s unique takes on photography on his YouTube channel. For instance, you should check out this video where he suggests putting something in front of your lens to help you capture more interesting images, or this video on “how to crush street photography.”