Here Are 15 Great Composition Tips from 3 of the World’s Top Travel Photographers (VIDEO)

It’s not often one has an opportunity to glean expert advice from three of the top photographers in their field. But that’s what you’ll find in the following video, in which Marc Silber of Advancing Your Photography interviews a trio of the best travel shooters on the planet.

As Silber says in the introduction, the two most important aspects of photography are lighting and composition. And by watching Silber’s conversation with Chase Jarvis, Chris Burkard, and Bob Holmes, you’ll pick up some exceptional wisdom on composition in just eight minutes.

Using spectacular images to illustrate their tips, the three pros offer insight into everything from searching for symmetry and a “punctuation point” in a scene, to moving in tight while scanning the edges of the frame. Burkard looks for clean simple compositions, while Jarvis says he strives to find an unusual “twist” in whatever he’s shooting. And Holmes stresses the importance of waiting for a “moment of attitude” to occur.

The foregoing is just a taste of what you’ll learn in this eye-opening tutorial, so find a quiet moment to take it all in. You can find more great stuff on Silber’s YouTube channel, and don’t miss our recent piece about avoiding composition mistakes that will ruin your photos.

Via ISO 1200