Here Are 10 Lightroom Tips that Will Improve Your Photo Editing Skills Now (VIDEO)

Photographer and Lightroom expert Ed Gregory is back with another super helpful tips video for anyone who wants to up their image editing skills in an instant. In the below clip, Gregory offers 10 handy Lightroom tips that should improve your photo retouching skills right away.

“Do you know all of these Lightroom tricks?” Gregory asks. “After using Lightroom Classic for 10 years I have found some of the best photography editing tricks that I use every day.”

Here’s a rundown of the 10 Lightroom tips that Gregory explains on his Photos In Color channel on YouTube:

Lightroom Tips 1 - Use Auto tone in Lightroom Classic CC

Lightroom Tips 2 - Use the Angle tool in the Lightroom Crop section

Lightroom Tips 3 - Lightroom tips and tricks Crop overlays

Lightroom Tips 4 - Lightroom tips for portraits - Add focus using the Lightroom radial brush. Perfect for Lightroom portrait editing

Lightroom Tips 5 - Lightroom tutorial - Before and after using /

Lightroom Tips 6 - photography tips and tricks 6 - Reset specific sliders or sections

Lightroom Tips 7 - Use the Lightroom HSL panel for Luminance

Lightroom Tips 8 - how to draw straight lines in Lightroom Classic. Lightroom tips for beginners

Lightroom Tips 9 - How to use Lightroom visual copies

Lightroom Tips 10 - Use Lights out (L) to help you visuals you Lightroom Edits.

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