Here Are 10 Crazy WTF Photography Tricks in Just 100 Seconds (VIDEO)

Hayden Pedersen loves making videos that explore the reaches of photography creativity in just a few minutes. In the below clip, he gives us "10 WTF Photography Ideas in 100 Seconds."

The video, which has no narration just music, pretty much speaks for itself. Here are the 10 crazy AF photo hacks he demonstrates in the crazy clip:

#1 Leading ribbon

#2 Tube light painting

#3 Pumpkin smoke bomb

#4 Skateboard puddle splash

#5 LED bar light

#6 Prism refraction

#7 Skateboard smoke bomb

#8 Vaping mask

#9 Reflective sunglasses

#10 Long exposure drone halo

As usual, don't try these at home...try them out in the street or in an abandoned building where it's safer! Check out two other of Pedersen's crazy photography tricks videos here and here. And then go visit his YouTube channel for more off-the-wall content.

Leo_B's picture

Where's the part showing the lead in photo? That's the whole reason to watch.