Here Are 10 Clever Photo Tricks You Can Do at Home (VIDEO)

Videos about photo tricks and camera hacks are some of our most popular posts so here’s another good one from the folks at COOPH. In the below video, titled “10 Photography Tricks to Do at Home,” COOPH’s photographers are once again showing you cheap, fun, and easy photo ideas to give your images extra "oomph" without you having to spend a lot of money (or time).

Here’s a rundown of the 10 Photography Tricks that COOPH explains in the video below.

#1 Make Your Own Glitter

#2 Go Close

#3 Hack Your Flash

#4 Underwater Selfie

#5 Shoot with Fruit

#6 Create Lens Flare

#7 Warp the Perspective

#8 Fake the Background

#9 Shoot through Water Droplets

#10 Back Up

Be sure and watch the clip to see the easy explanations for each trick. The video is the followup to this popular tutorial from COOPH titled “7 DIY Photography Tips Using Household Objects.”