Here’s the New Canon EOS-1D X Mark II Firing Off 16fps Continuous Shooting Bursts (VIDEO)

The new Canon EOS-1D X Mark II was unveiled last night and as with many pro digital SLRs aimed at sports photographers and photojournalists, the new camera has impressive speed. In particular, it can fire off bursts of images at 14 frames per second with auto exposure (AE) and predictive autofocus (AF) through the viewfinder, and 16fps with the mirror locked. (The previous model offered 12fps and 14fps burst speeds, respectively.)

But what, exactly, does the 1D X Mark II’s burst capability look and sound like in action. Funny you should ask that because the folks at ePHOTOzine have produced a short video (below) that shows the Canon 1D X II’s shooting off 16fps bursts in Live View mode, aka with the mirror locked.

No, it doesn’t prove much considering it’s just a demo with the lens removed so you can see the Canon 1D X II’s mirror flippety flopping at a super high rate of speed but it’s still pretty cool nonetheless.

What’s might be even cooler though is the 1D X II’s incredible buffer, which allows the camera to keep going without pause. In case you’re wondering what exactly the buffer of this new DSLR is, here’s the breakdown for you from our article last night.

Canon 1D X Mark II maximum burst numbers: 

Compact Flash (CF) card, UDMA7 standard

• Large JPEG: Infinite (to card full)

• Raw: 73 images 

• Raw +Large JPEG: 54 images

CFAST 2.0 card

Large JPEG: Infinite (to card full) 

Raw: 170

Raw + Large JPEG: 81

And in case you’re wondering what the Canon 1D X II’s main rival, the new Nikon D5, looks and sounds like while firing off 12fps burst with AF, here’s a video of that.

Oh, the Canon EOS-1D X Mark II will retail for $5999 (body only) when it goes on sale in April 2016. The Nikon D5, meanwhile, will sell for $6499 (body only) in March 2016.

(ePHOTOzine video found via PetaPixel)