Here’s How to Use a Simple Reflector for Better Available Light Portraits (VIDEO)

Whether you’re shooting indoor portraits by window light or using available light outdoors, an inexpensive reflector is one of best tools for dramatically improving your results. In the five-minute video below, photographer Mark Cleghorn demonstrates everything you need to know to get the job done.

A reflector can be any device that bounces light back to your subject, thereby filling in shadows and adding a bit of sparkle to the eyes. They range in “sophistication” from a simple white sheet of poster board to a commercial hand-held reflector like the one Cleghorn uses in the video. In any case, they’re all easy to use and deliver great results.

Cleghorn demonstrates a number of ways to position the reflector relative to your subject and the direction of the ambient light in the scene. He also discusses the merits of white, gold, and silver reflectors and how to use each for optimum results. You’ll also learn some helpful exposure tips for dealing with the specific conditions at hand.

There are more instructional videos on The Photographer Academy YouTube channel, and be sure you watch our earlier tutorial on making great outdoor portraits under harsh midday sun.

Via ISO 1200