Here’s How to Shoot Sensual Portrait Photos with the Forest as Your Backdrop (VIDEO)

British photographer Imogen Rhiannon is also an experienced model, and in this tutorial she uses both of her skills to demonstrate how to shoot sensual portraits with the forest as your background.

Rhiannon is a proponent of using simple gear, ambient light, and natural surroundings for making portrait photographs whenever possible. In the video below, she offers several tips for working with a model while explaining her techniques for shooting outdoor portraits in natural light.

Rhiannon discusses the importance of packing carefully for remote shoots like this, with extra batteries, a choice lenses, and all the accessories you may need—including food and water for you and your model. Rhiannon typically carries a collapsible reflector to help her deal with the uneven light that often exists in the forest.

Rhiannon always does some thorough location scouting in advance, taking note of the route to the spots she’s chosen. And before heading off for the woods, she checks the weather forecast, so she’s not caught out in the rain far from the car.

With all her preparation advice out of the way, Rhiannon provides a number of shooting tips for making the most of a beautiful model and location. As you can see, the resulting photos are very nice.

There are more interesting videos on Rhiannon’s YouTube channel, and in our earlier post explaining how to shoot boudoir photos at home with natural light.