2 Great Ways to Move Images Between Photoshop & Lightroom for Quick & Easy Editing (VIDEO)

Nathaniel Dodson at Tutvid is one of our go-to sources for quick and easy editing tutorials, and in the instructional video below he discusses two methods for moving images back and forth between Photoshop and Lightroom for working like a pro.

The idea is that some tasks are best accomplished with Photoshop, while you may want to use Lightroom for others. Dodson calls this procedure “roundtrip editing,” and he describes two effective methods for streamling your workflow.

Dodson discusses working with different file formats, customizing the options behind the workflow, and a few Photoshop editing techniques.

You can find more from Dodson on his YouTube channel, but the best way to started is by going to this link which takes you to other Tutvid tutorials we’ve posted.

Via ISO 1200