Here’s How to Make Beautiful Portraits at Home Using Table Lamps and Window Light (VIDEO)

We regularly share tutorials from Canadian photographer Irene Rudnyk, who has a unique ability to make pro-quality portraits at home without a lot of complicated and expensive lighting equipment. In the video below she’s at it again, demonstrating how to capture captivating people pictures using nothing more than table lamps and window light.

Inspired by the work of Russian photographer Georgy Chernyadyev, Rudnyk explains a simple method for mixing tungsten light from household lamps with that streaming in through a nearby window. Rudnyk begins by shooting a few simple portraits with window light as the only illumination, before moving on to images using table lamps as her main light source.

Rudnyk then photographs her model backlit by window light, with a lamp illuminating her shoulders and face. The fourth setup combines two lamps with the model facing the window for another truly beautiful shot. By watching the video, you’ll learn how to do this yourself, while picking up some tips on posing a model.

You can find more helpful videos on Rudnyk’s YouTube channel, and in another tutorial we posted, demonstrating how to shoot stunning portraits in the style of another famous Russian photographer.

Via ISO 1200