Portrait Tips: How to Shoot Eye-Popping Portraits Like a Top Russian Pro (VIDEO)

Photo ©Sean Archer

Occasionally we all need a creativity boost, and one way to gain inspiration is by studying and emulating the work of a top pro. In the video below, you’ll pick up some great tips from the work of a famous Russian portrait photographer.

Photo ©Sean Archer

Canadian shooter Irene Rudnyk challenged herself to make portraits in the style of acclaimed Russian pro Sean Archer, and she explains the techniques that make Archer’s work so special. The two photos above were shot by Archer, while the two below were made by Rudnick in a small home studio. While there are obvious similarities, she managed to inject a bit of her personal style too.

Rudnyk begins by visiting Archer's 500px page to study the equipment list and shooting data that’s included with each of his stunning photos. Then she gets to work, demonstrating two basic elements of Archer’s portraiture—lighting and posing—by making some very nice images of her own.

You can find more shooting tips on Rudnyk’s YouTube channel, and be sure to look at our recent article with five portrait hacks that will give your photos a unique look.

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