Hawaii Photographer Meets a Tragic Death After Inhaling Toxic Lava Fumes in Hawaii During Photo Tour

Photo ©Sean King

Photographer Sean King met a tragic death last week while guiding a group of tourists to a lava-viewing point on the Big Island of Hawaii—the largest island in the Hawaiian chain. King succumbed to noxious lava fumes and was later found dead.

Photo ©Sean King/Caters News Agency

According to a report from KHON2 News, rain falling on the lava created a toxic steam cloud that enveloped the group. Unfortunately, while the three tourists escaped and were able to notify police, a rescue team was unable to revive King.

Well known in Hawaii as both an accomplished photographer and popular tour guide, King was the owner of Hawaii Stargazing Adventures. Originally from New York, King made his home on Pahoa Island, where he made many of his epic photographs.

Photo ©Sean King/Caters News Agency

King shot the images you see here during earlier excursions, and there are more on his Facebook page. You can view a short news report from KHON2 News about King’s tragic death in the video below.

Via PetaPixel