Hahnel MK 100 Uni-directional Microphone

Designed for use with current model DSLR's, camcorders and audio recorders, the MK100 is fitted with a 14mm electret condenser capsule which produces high quality audio with a uni-directional pick-up. The microphone's Super Cardiod design ensures maximum sound output from the front of the microphone resulting in targeted audio recordings with minimum interference from both sides and behind. The unique rubber suspension absorbs unwanted mechanical vibrations from the camera.

A 3-position volume sensitivity switch allows the user to optimize the microphone's performance when recording both high and low level audio. A "Low-Cut" setting minimizes wind noise. With its Hot Shoe adapter and a 3/8" thread, the MK100 fits easily on any camera, boompole, monopod or tripod. MAP is $159.95.

RTS Inc. Deer Park, NY 11729 is sole US distributor.

Visit: www.RTSphoto.com

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It's a bizarre microphone. I love it! - Wesley Upchurch