Hahnel Inspire Remote Control For Canon & Nikon DSLR'S

The Inspire LiveView Remote Control utilizes the latest GHz technology to design a remote trigger that will enable photographers to improve the creative results of their remote photography. It is available for Canon and Nikon DSLR's. Street price is $299.The built-in larger 3.5" color LCD on the handheld transmitter displays a LiveView which is independent of the DSLR. The color view screen provides crisp, clear resolution for easy confirmation. Photographers can view these live images up to 180 feet away from the camera location, giving visual confirmation of the scene as well as the photo taken. The photographer can play back the pictures taken without going back to the camera.

When the DSLR lens is set in a close-up/zoom position, the CMOS in the Inspire receiver functions as a separate, convenient wide-angle (35 degree) InspireView for surveying the overall scene. This allows the photographer to monitor the scene prior to switching to the close-up/zoom DSLR LiveView to take the shot. Inspire can control 4 different receivers connected to 4 different DSLR'S. It is easily programmed to let the receiver confirm that the chosen unit is in use. The unit will "search" for the camera being used. Switching between units is fast and easy. Receivers on the cameras not being used go into sleep mode and can be activated at the touch of a button. Additional receivers are sold separately.

The built-in Phono socket allows easy connection to the camera AV output, using the AV cable supplied with the camera. Cameras that do not have an AV output or LiveView mode can be used with Inspire. The built-in CMOS camera on the receiver unit of the Inspire sends an InspireView of the camera scene to the LCD on the handheld (Inspire) receiver. Inspire can be powered with AA Alkaline batteries; however, for longer use, AA Ni-MH’s are recommended. The built- in Mini USB port offers unlimited additional power options, such as direct power from a laptop, external Li-ion battery packs or AC/DC adapter. Other features: user has pushbutton control of the brightness of the receiver view screen. A red/green button LED confirms that the shot has been taken and stored. Up to 99 images can be stored in the handheld receiver. Stored images can be reviewed and deleted as desired. The menu shows individual camera settings, EV, ISO, and battery level.

R.T.S. Inc. Deer Park, NY 11729, www.RTSphoto.com is exclusive U. S. distributor.

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