Gura Gear Kiboko 30L Photographic Backpack

Gura Gear announces the launch of its Kiboko 30L photographic backpack. The Kiboko 30L is an update to the popular Kiboko photographic backpack, heralded as a smarter way of transporting your photo gear. Kiboko features a butterfly opening, allowing for a unique configuration of long lenses, multiple DSLR bodies, and ultimate customization.

After two years of use by customers worldwide, Gura updated the original Kiboko bag while maintaining its lightweight and durable characteristics. Weighing in at just 4 lbs, the Kiboko 30L now features a removable waist belt offering flexibility for photographers and travelers alike. Building on the less-is-best philosophy, Gura has reduced the number of zipper pulls simplifying the overall look and functionality of the bag. As always,each Kiboko 30L comes complete with a custom-fit rain cover and a no-nonsense warranty.

The Kiboko 30L is available immediately for $399 at or by calling (801) 823-2809.

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This is so nice backpack and I guess this is too substantial. - Scott Safadi