Gura Gear Announces The Anansi For Safari And Studio

Handcrafted by Gura Gear in Ogden, Utah, Anansi is more than just a safari sack.

Anansi was designed on safari, but perfected in the forests and deserts of North America and refined in the studio. Precision handcrafted materials and careful attention to detail make Anansi the premium multi-purpose sack capable of stabilizing a lens, a tripod, or giving your light stand or boom some extra weight. The hourglass shape reduces the amount of fill required without sacrificing the surface area you need for stability. Anansi can be configured flat or in half.

Anansi is made in the USA of heavy-duty, PU-coated CORDURA® fabrics and reinforced with double stitching. The bottom of the sack also features a convenient non-slip coating on each edge. Anansi will hold up to abuse. Anansi’s quality construction features a concealed zipper with a leak-stop tab to keep the fill where it belongs, in the bag.

The Anansi name comes from a West African God that takes the shape of a spider.

Anansi is available to order online at or by calling +1 (801) 823-2809.