Graslon Prodigy and Insight Flash Diffusers

Graslon, Inc. has launched its new line of flash diffusion products with its Prodigy and Insight flash diffusers. Designed to provide softer shadows than traditional portable diffusers, Graslon diffusers have an optical reflector system that redistributes the light before sending it through the diffusion lens.

Graslon diffusers also utilize a universal no-slip mounting system and offer a variety of interchangeable diffusion lenses including flat, dome, and amber. The Prodigy line offers a large 8 x 5 inch diffusion surface while the smaller Insight line offers a 6 x 4 inch diffusion surface.

Why do Graslon Diffusers provide softer shadows? They create a large, effective, soft light source by transforming your on-camera flash by enlarging the size of the source, not just putting a diffuser in front of your flash. This is accomplished by a series of carefully engineered reflectors and openings that bend the light before diffusing it, and is especially effective when you are lacking close objects that would normally give you good bounce. Graslon Diffusers literally provide their own bounce. This results in the most amazing portable set-up you've ever experienced.

Based out of Southern California Graslon is a family business dedicated to making unique and innovative camera accessories proudly Made in the USA. More information may be found at

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I like this one! I can put this on a dim place. - Michael Courouleau