GoPod Camera Support

Photo Control Corporation, manufacturer of professional photographic equipment, has announced the GoPod™, a device that fills the gap between the tripod and the monopod.

Steady shooting, even with long lenses, and unrestricted movement of the photographer and the camera are now available with this unique innovation that the photographer wears - over the shoulders. The GoPod™ may be adjusted for personal comfort and fit. The shoulder support braces, the center column, and the camera support arm are set and locked to a position that feels best to the individual user.

The GoPod™, developed by a professional photographer, is an ideal solution for sports, wildlife, wedding, and other still photography using long lenses. It is also a great solution for easy portability for the Video Photographer. Users can add quick release plates that they currently use to make the GoPod™ an easy set-up.

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